Monday, November 4, 2013

Fall is for:

Hiking with your Bestie
Making Leaf Rubbings
Eating Doughnuts and Dancing in a Barn
Nerf Wars
Fuzzy Friendship Pics
Little Lab Bums
Fieldtrips to the Pumpkin Patch
Dressing Up
Laying with the Dead......
Meeting up with friends....

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Fall is coming....

I feel like summer was WAY too short!! Can it be I'm alone on this? I can't be! While I enjoyed every minute of with activities including:
  • Monday night swimming
  • California trip
  • Winning awards at the fair
  • Reading
  • Drinking Dirty Diet Cokes
  • Spending time with Friends
  • Spending time with Family
  • Fireworks
  • Movies
  • Concerts in the Parks
I feel like I still didn't get enough of summer and today when I got in my car and the windows were wet/foggy and the air was just the SLIGHTEST bit chilly.... I panicked a little. Then while I drove to work I remembered that soon to come are wonderful things such as; Hayrides, flannel, Tea in the morning, crunchy leaves, mittens and thick socks. I guess I'm ready to say goodbye to summer and HELLO to FALL!! I'll try to keep it together....

Monday, August 12, 2013

Calibeach house

It has become a summer tradition that I go with the Lowry family (minus Ben) to Lake Powell, (He has to work and I become Jacque-Daddy, I love it!!) This year he was able to take time off and it was going to be all of us with the Greers, Strands and Carolyn. Unfortunately a couple of weeks before the planned trip Randy Strand, Lake Powell King, died in Wyoming while backpacking. I was lucky enough to know him and attend his funeral where I learned more about his full and adventurous life. Because of this we all decided Lake Powell would be too hard this year so we go the grand idea to do California Beach house style! We spent a week and 2 days on the sunny beaches of California.
^^ Killing time while the car gets packed at the always wonderful Bruges ^^
I can't be the only one that just ADORES this place right?
^^ My Beach Cruiser was FINALLY going to Cruise the Beach!! ^^
^^ Seaweed Beard- I Rocked that look ^^
^^ I've always been creeped out by seaweed but this year I learned the joys of popping Kelp Bubbles with my toe and wearing seaweed like a beautiful scarf ^^
^^ One night the Abbys and I snuck out one night to play and take pics. <3 girlies="" nbsp="" p="" those="">
^^ Every time I hand Rachel my phone to take a photo of me... every... time... ^^
^^ She takes after her mother..... ^^
^ The Greers brought a puzzle and it was ADDICTING ^
^^ Saltwaters in the Salt Water (Swoon.... ) ^^
^^ Cruisin the Beach ^^
^^ I wish this was my life everyday ^^
^^ Rachel served her mission in L.A. and showed us the sights... she lived on the Temple grounds, Can you even imagine?! ^^ 

^^ This ADORABLE puppy snuck into my photo!! ^^
^^ Most AMAZING cookie ice-cream sandwich of my LIFE!! and they were only $1.50 AND we met the owner, got a picture with him too!!  ^^
^^ Santa Monica Pier ^^
^^ Check out that pretty Ferris Wheel ^^
^^ 2 Guys singing and playing, they were really good, I wish I'd had some money to tip them :( ^^
^^ there was so much to see and do here!! Can't wait to come back ^^
^^ View from street ^^
^^ Pay attention to that view and not my frizzy hair that I couldn't control ^^
^^ A couple blocks away was a cute shopping area with street performers and cute shops ^^
^^ A whole wall of vintage sewing machines!! ^^
^^ Barbie and Ken have clearly bought their dream beach house ^^
^^ La Jolla: We Sea Kayaked and swam with sharks and saw sea lions!! I will never forget that day and the wonderful adventures we had thanks to Ben's friend Jesse ^^
^^ We saw loads of these dead Lion Mane Jellyfish ^^
^^ Newport Beach. We got our tattoo on!! ^^
^^ Nothing better than a Mustached Gage taking a nap in the sand ^^
^^ Rachel and I are Pretty Intimidating ^^

^^ Our Last night Misty serenaded us by the fire ^^
^^ The wife and Kids and I at... LEGOLAND!! ^^
^^ Anyone remember this toy.... they have a GIANT version of it!! ^^
^^ I just love being a wife and mother of 4, my little family is so wonderful to me ;) ^^
^^ Interprative Sign!! ^^
^^ Lego world ROCKS!! ^^
Bye bye week on the beach! I loved EVERY minute of it!! I will miss my time with you oh so very much....

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I just can't get enough of summer... especially after the vast amounts of snow that almost gave me a heart atack driving in. I have been having a wonderful, fun, packed summer. (Am I the only one who feels like summer just started so why is it August?)
^^ Talon followed me out to watch me leave and wait for me to get home ^^
^^ Seawood from the Beach House in San Juan Capistrano ^^
^^ Michaela and I did some toilet papering to repay a prank played on her ^^
  ^^ My dear friend Brittany got married. The picture with her is on a Jessica's phone, this is her brother and our good friend Mike.  ^^
^^ Mike Jensen and I at the Kurt Bester Concert ^^
^^ Kaysvilles 4th of July Parade can't be beat!! Especially with these ladies as your company^^
My Bestie, Emily, Katlyn, Me
^^ Ran out to get pictures with the people in the parade ^^
^^ Rode bikes with the Lowrys to the dollar theater in Sugarhouse. We saw OZ!! ^^
^^ Days of 47 Rodeo with Cameron Jones..... Check out that facial hair!! ^^
^^ Michaela has spent her summer shauffering me around because I'm lazy and she likes to drive. ^^
^^ Leggings and Saltwaters.... My 2013 staples!! ^^
^^ Antelope Island. (I've recently realized how beautiful Utah is and how wonderful hiking can be) ^^
^^ My Beach Cruiser made it to the Beach!! ^^
^^ Days of 47 Pops Concert with my Bestie (and a few others not pictured). Seriously Utah, you know how to celebrate in July, so lucky to live in this great state!! ^^
^^ Monday night swimming has become a favorite of mine thanks to the Warrens for their pool ^^
I've enjoyed my busy, busy summer and hate to see it coming to an end... (although I am getting excited for Pumpkins and Sweaters and Fall Harvests and Knitted Scarves and Socks....)